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Orteliusstraat 148-3

1057 BH Amsterdam

The Netherlands



06 - 317 97 885


KvK: 65370384


Jaro Gevers

(Executive) producer, production manager and corporate identity marketeer

(Executive) producer

As an (executive) producer, I'm experienced in making fiction, reality and documentary-content for movie theaters, TV and online. I'm a straightforward focused producer that makes sure everything get's done properly, safe, on time and within budget.




Production manager

As a production manager I'm the dedicated hardworking professional that get's every production rolling.


Whether it's in the Netherlands or anywhere else in the world,

I'll make sure the team will always get every shoot done.




Financing Consultant

I help artists and filmmakers in financing their projects

through funds, sponsorships, crowdfunding and other sources.





As a filmmaker and a storyteller, I've made lots of intriguing content about socially relevant subjects.

As the managing director of Stichting Follow Focus, where we make (short) films, documentaries and (cross-)medial content, I'm well-experienced in matching the right company to the right subject or project.


During the making of tons of creative projects I've worked with hundreds of corporate partners,

so I understand exactly what you're looking for in partnership opportunities.


Taking your corporate responsibility in socially relevant subjects is not enough.

You need to get that out there in the right way, so it will boost your brand and revenue.


Let's work together on that.